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Tom Van Dawark, CEO
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Leading Safety-Focused, Patient-Centered Care From the Boardroom:
Learn what is working to make governance work for you


Tom Van Dawark, CEO
Orca Partners LLC

Orca Partners offers…

Leading, coaching and hands on support
We partner directly with boards, board committees and senior leadership to assess your current state, address your barriers to change and assist you to adopt and adapt proven best practices for safety and quality excellence. Working in partnership with you, drawing on your safety enhancement ideas and considering your available resources, we can systematically achieve measurable improvements.


Speaking, teaching and workshop facilitation
Working with healthcare organizations, associations and advocacy groups, Orca Partners promotes safety-focused, patient-centered healthcare governance through speaking engagements, webinar participation and workshop facilitation. Our customizable presentations and workshops cover a wide range of topics, from how boards can take ownership of patient safety and quality to more in-depth discussions of individual governance best practices, such as how to partner with your patients in safety and quality work.


A Safety-Focused Governance Model
The Orca Safety-Focused Governance Model pulls together the governance practices used and lessons learned by high performing healthcare boards, as well as boards in other industries, into an effective, step-by-step change process. The Orca Model provides a flexible structure to guide your board in adopting a safety-focused, patient-centered approach, and supports your governance transformation with current best practices, detailed examples, stories, resources, and tools.

Safety-focused, patient-centered care is so important because…

We all know that preventable harm is still a PROBLEM

200,000 patients each year are still losing their lives to preventable medical harm. One in twenty Medicare patients contract a Healthcare Acquired Infection related to their care. Focusing on patient needs and putting patients first in governance deliberations, is critical to safety and quality improvement.

The INSPIRATION is that we see that governance does matter

It is now clear to most boards, CEO's and stakeholders that our boards are ultimately responsible for safety and quality and in fact are the only entities capable of directing sustainable improvements. Safety-focused, patient-centered boards can and are making a real difference in outcomes. In addition, boards that have successfully harnessed their organization's shared passion for safety have found that the same practices that improve safety outcomes also bring other far-reaching organization-wide benefits.

The OPPORTUNITY is to make governance work for you

Boards must be the first to change if we are to successfully reduce preventable harm, and we don't need to start from scratch. Lessons learned by high performing boards not only offer inspiration for change, but also provide replicable best practices that can be adopted by others.

Orca Partners can help your board seize the opportunity to make real, sustainable improvements in safety, quality and patient experiences by adopting key safety-focused, patient-centered practices.

Contact Us to learn more.


Orca Partners LLC - Based in Seattle and serving clients nationwide, Orca Partners was founded in 2009 by CEO Tom Van Dawark


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